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W. K. Johnson Artist Abstract Painting

"Phobos Encounter" Artist  W. K. Johnson 

2022 Acrylic on Canvas. Original 30" x 40"

Within the realm of Phobos, a moon orbiting the planet Mars, stands a mysterious monolith. As I was working on this painting ultimately titled "Phobos Encounter," an unexpected rectangular form emerged near its center, disrupting the otherwise spontaneous nature of the surrounding elements. This peculiar shape reminded me of the images I remember seeing depicting the Phobos Monolith. This towering rectangular structure, nearly 300 feet in height, starkly contrasts with the moon's otherwise smooth and irregular terrain.

The term "Phobos Encounter" alludes to the Soviet Union's Phobos Two probe, which orbiting Mars in 1989. Regrettably, contact with the probe was lost, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions. The final images received from the probe, however, reviewed something very interesting—a potential unidentified flying object (UFO) captured within the frames. Furthermore, these images revealed an object hurtling towards the probe just moments before it went dark. Speculation has arisen, suggesting that the probe's demise may have been a preemptive strike orchestrated by the UFO, considering the presence of lasers onboard Phobos Two were intended to be fired at Phobos.

W. K. Johnson

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