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Picasso, Braque The Art Of Collage

I am starting to work on a series of mixed media works that incorporate “Collage”. So, I thought I should share with you the genesis of the medium as it is top of mind with me at this time.  I always try to view my work in a historical perspective as it serves as validation and context. I will be sharing some of my new collage works with you in future posts.   

Picasso and Braque ( Braque was first) are generally credited with the discovery of collage as an art form, they were known for incorporating preprinted papers, card stock, sheet music, and household items into their work. Initially, they faced criticism

Georges Braque collage
Georges Braque "Mandolin" 1914

as people questioned how simply pasting or pinning found objects to paper could be considered art. However, Collage is indeed an art form that requires skill and creativity

to arrange dissimilar objects or paper snippets in a way that conveys a cohesive statement. When done well, the different parts of a collage can appear as though they always belonged together. If you would like to learn more about the history of collage, click the link below.

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