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Women Of Algiers 1955 Pablo Picasso

During the period when Picasso was working on his “Women Of Algiers”  series he commented to his dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler,

“ You never know how your work will turn out.  You start a picture and it becomes something quite different.  It’s strange how little the artist’s intention counts for.  It’s really tiresome: you always have a critic at your elbow saying I don’t like that or it ought to be different.  He grabs at your brushes and they become heavy as lead.  He doesn’t know what he is talking about , but he is always there.”

If you have ever painted, you know what he meant.  I often tell people that the painting tells me what it needs and what to do next.  For Picasso it was his inner critic, one that he did not always trust.

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